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Airport Occupation

Interesting times once more in Thailand.

The Toxin man won't keep his poisonous hands off the government in Thailand so the PAD (Peoples Alliance for Democracy) have taken radical action. Following a clash on the highway in Bangkok the PAD have stormed and occupied Thailands capital airport, Suvarnabhumi. They did it pretty much without barely a hand raised against them and now have pretty much full control over what comes in and out of Thailand. Don Muang airport soon followed.

This now means that tourists wanting to go home are completely stranded and can't easily fly home without an overland border trip. Now the PAD are taking a lot of flak but in our opinion at OTRT this action speaks of the measures they have to take if they want the PPP to stand down.

Time and time again we've all thought Taksin was gone for good, but like a phantom character, he keeps trying his best to come back for round 2.

If Taksin does get back, things will get pretty ugly. The Brits have booted him out of the UK by revoking his visa and the loss of face in having this happen will mean he'll have a bone to pick with Brit tourists. This may seem far fetched but we need to remember back to 2002-2003 time when all the draconian immigration measures were brought in and the bars were clamped down on. Guess who brought them in? The answer is Taksin. And if he's done it once, he'll do it again...

The Thai Army is staying out of the power struggle thankfully. But the Thai police have tried to re-take Suvarnabhumi twice now. They've been repulsed though. The advantage of the PAD occupants (thought to number in the high thousands) is that they outnumber the police. The PAD could also wreck the airport control systems if the police look to be on the verge of taking the airport.

Whatever the outcome this will mean that the typical mainstream tourists will now steer clear of Thailand. We've been hearing a lot of bluster and angry talk of farang who want to quit Thailand for good. In some ways this is good riddance. Thailand is not some neo-spain resort colony. It's a third-world country that is in Asia. The Thais don't really give a hoot about tourism in the grand scheme of things and this is a good thing in some ways. The tourist industry has grown too big, too fast. So this could well serve as a cooling down period for the industry, a contraction and possibly a getting back to the good old days again.

Time will tell...

This section is hosted by our resident columnist Johnny B. who has been living in Thailand for eight years now and currently is based out of Bangkok.

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