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An On The Road Thailand Update

Time flies folks, can't believe it's been over six months since the last entry! Seems a world away.

First of all, a big thank-you to the loyal vistors and surfers who keep the site going by generating the traffic, contribute to the site and support the OTRT cause. It ain't small or big, but it all makes an impression.

A lot's happened since then, the boys have been busy, some have returned to Thailand and have really got things going. The Patrician has singlehandedly expanded operations and kept a satellite entity of OTRT operating while most of us have been away. Unsettling reports filtering through from the Brit Expats out here in Thailand though. The pound ( £) is taking a bit of a dive and making funds a bit tighter than usual. The dollar ($) not so bad. This isn't good but I often say that to make do you have to cut back. So just cut back on the usual amenities and niceties and you should do ok. The fun and games in our home countries should soon be completed and we'll be back in the Thailand groove before we know it.

Toxin has been and gone. But the Government (PPP) still sucks in OTRTs opinion; too repressive and over-conservative, sticking its nose in where it's not wanted. But you just have to roll with that shit sometimes and see what's next. Hopefully, if and when they are booted from power, we'll see Thailand going back to its more happy-go-lucky self. At the Cambodian/Thai border there was a bit of a border-clash with troops on boths sides doing the sabre-rattling thing. A poor Thai dude lost his foot on a land-mine but there were no other casualies thankfully.

The Teako-Lasio wars are now a fading memory. TD vs OTRT & The Last Forum (alas now scuttled and dead in the water) are all at peace. We're all man enough to admit that though it was fun while it lasted, long-term it was taking away from the fun and adventurous spirit we all love about Thailand.

So we're back in the groove we've got a bunch of trips and activities planned. The usual nightlife madness as well as reviews for some of the more dodgy businesses out there.

Farang columnist Johnny BThis section is hosted by our resident columnist Johnny B. who has been living in Thailand for seven years now and currently is based out of Bangkok.

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