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At The Thai Market!

Old ways meet new

Being at a Thai Market is like stepping back in time, you've got the free-wheeling, anything-goes vibe and a sense of the traditional way still present in todays world. You can roll up to the market and part your bike or car for free and not have to worry about parking charges or some cowboy clamping fool trying to abuse your vehicle. The price is fair and square as you typically have to haggle and enter into a conversation with the trader thereby have a verbal honour contract. The connection is, therefore, above and beyond the western world of fixed-price for everything and thats it.

You do still have fixed-price in the upper end places in Thailand and for certain goods in the market but even they are often 'open to negotiation' if the quantity is sufficient.

The Thai people who come and go doing their daily shopping are a snapshot of the Thai style free-willed types who are all about being stress-free and sanuk. Yes the touristy guidebooks may rave about sanuk this and sanuk that but until you actually spend the time to get out and about you will be in the dark as to what this fully is. So if you're in town or a village and haven't been yet, get yourself down the market might learn a thing or two!



Johnny B in ThailandThis section is hosted by our resident columnist Johnny B. who has been living in Thailand for seven years now and currently is based out of Bangkok.

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