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I never thought I'd meet this style of biker in Thailand. But meet I did. I put the experience down to the fact everyones different out here we all have a different style and attitude. Indeed, among bikers who like to flex their prowess the ego can certainly manifest itself

It all has it's seeds in the SSR epic ride. Taking nothing away from the skill and expertise shown by the riders and unfortunate incident where a bike was dropped by one of the them I find that the various condescending comments shown or made by Big Bike Bangkok. Several times he's been making these sly remarks about how someone who rides a CBR 400 ought to be infront. Mearly because it's supposedly a faster machine in

It appears that being unable to ride like you're on your way to the coffin makes you a lesser rider according to some farang in Thailand. Merely owning and riding the bike day in and day out means little to such snobs.

The other classic line I tend to hear is "Such-and-such has got a 600 cc sportsbike, he only owned a honda wave before that!" As if somehow starting on a smaller bike first is such a problem?

Jeez, this is Thailand. If folk want to ride the wonder bike let them without being so sanctimonious and superior about yourselves.

One couldn't believe I had the nerve to post pictures of me dropping the CBR months ago. Somehow such an event seemed heresy (at least in his eyes ) to broadcast it. Why not? It was an error made and wanted to show others about it and how they could avoid such a happening isn' t such a bad thing is it? Somehow pride really does brainwash certain bikers out there.

This all culminated in one of the SSR crew deciding to make weasel-like comments on Thai Visa stating that, if you can't lead a pack of bikers on a CBR-400 you lack basic skills!

Yes, obviously a lack of basic skills is surely why I've managed to survive tens of thousands kilometres in Thailand without being maimed or killed my yellow-clad friend.

Sorry but on unfamiliar terrain, with a heavily loaded machine (more so with your sht packed in there!) and a double-decade bike that's not a brand new Kawasaki it's a different kettle of fish.

So biker snobs can stay in their little box for all I care. Another SSR ride is in the works. Although the ride leader is a decent biker and friend I don't care for the snobbish element that seem to tag along with him. Besides which I'll be busy getting this machine ready for storage. It's time for the OTRT site to be mothballed again soon while we all head back to our home-countries.

Farang columnist Johnny BThis section is compiled by our resident biker in Thailand - WR

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