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The Nightlife Crackdowns

Killing the Golden Goose?

Well, it had been doomed and gloomed in the more puritanical corners of Farang expatdom but the storm clouds are gathering once more.

In Pattaya, of all places, the crackdowns are commencing.

It seems that the Thai powers-that-be are pushing for Pattaya's raunchy and heady nightlife to be taken down a notch or two. There is an undeniable feeling that this is just the start of a wave of nightlife crackdowns with Pattaya as the 'sounding board' for what happens elsewhere.

Should the nightlife scene in Thailand change from the 'naughty' to a more 'conservative' slant then it could be the seismic shift that will punish the bar owners, the girls and the punters. Sending a message out that will mean other countries such as Cambodia, Phillipines and even South America could pick up on.

This could all be a flash in the pan though, after the pockets have been lined and the bars re-open it could all be forgotten about...

For all that a golden goose is indeed being targetted, will it be plucked or killed out of hand? Who can tell?

Farang columnist Johnny BThis section is compiled by our resident biker in Thailand - WR

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