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Dangerous Liasons

Seductive Thai

The Sind Sot is paid, Thai wedding has past and the honeymoon is over. After a few months of buying a new house something strange starts to happen. The loving wife can really start laying down the law, no going out after dark, no staying up late, no hanging out with their old friends...

The farang in question was British and worked for an NGO driving trucks. He owned a lavish and beautiful house just south of Chiang Mai city. All paid for by his wage (much of it earned in a warzone). While we’d vaguely heard his wife was known for being a temperamental live wire, nothing could prepare us for what happened next.

The previous night had been a boys-night in, nothing crazy or wild. Just a few drinks discussing business matters. An important sale was struck upon and we shook hands. The drinks flowed and there was much merriment, but nothing out of hand or boistrous either. At midnight he told us that his wife wanted to go to bed and we had to leave, he emphasised that it was not his choice though.

I can remember one of our farang ladies remarked it was strange that a man was being ordered by his Thai wife in a but of course we respected our host and departed.

The next day, as promised I returned alone and on my motorbike.

Just as we’d concluded the sale, which he was more than happy with, his wife went wild. From upstairs there was a scream and the smashing of much glass and crockery. I had left my team behind but the money was just in my hand, nevertheless I tarried a little. As more screaming, then soft words, before more howling and yelling from the woman.

As I crossed the main open-plan foyer a glass bounced off a stairway-wall to land nearby and shattered. The effect was not unlike that from the film Die Hard where the glass is everywhere on the floor.
“You’d best leave she's a bit angry.”
“Angry? What the hell for?”
“Well she doesn’t like visitors that much in her house.” He said meekly.
“Her house? You paid for the thing!” I said trying to reason with his castrated attitude.
He shrugged his shoulders meekly and with only my socks to protect my feet I gingerly left the house to where my bike was parked.
Once there another expensive looking crystal glass exploded on the ground, just missing my bike!

Mounting up, weaving around the obstacle course, I backed it up and rode at full throttle from the mad house.

Now that’s just one example of the gelded farang.  Overall he’s someone who accepts his status as a gelded male in the Thai household and submits meekly to his wifes authority. He hands over the cash and hopes for a few crumbs to fall from the table.

There are different types of farang under control of their wives. The next type is the farang in denial or deluded into thinking he’s got it made. There can be some cross-over into the gelded farang category also.

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