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Seductive Thai


This farang is more of a blissfully unaware type, at least until the train-wreck occurs. They are normally very pro-Thai culture but where the balance of respecting Thai culture ends they often can fanatically defend Thai people. This often extends to include their own fellow farang and former country.  Where the Gelded Farang who has accepted his status tends at least be tolerated for his financial income, the Deluded Farang may be at a higher risk of losing it all.

The Sind Sot is paid, the Thai wedding has past and the honeymoon is over. Yet strange things are occuring that gets Mr Farang wondering. Strange phone calls on his wifes phone, vanishing money from the joint-bank account and more and more of her family showing up to move into the house he paid for. This can sometimes be explained as Thai culture (especially the family moving in part) yet be warned you could be in for a rough ride! If a Thai man keeps showing up she claims is her ‘brother’ then you really need to be on your guard!

You could end up with a decent Thai wife, or not. Just assume that if, one day when you come home, the the locks are changed, the Thai ‘brother’ marches you off the premises watched by her family from windows and all your clothing is thrown out the door that you definitely have been a deluded farang! Going to the nearest bank account and finding all your cash has been withdrawn could be the icing on the cake. If you think all that’s bad then at least count yourself fortunate you haven’t been murdered and scattered about the landscape (like a certain poor farang who married a bar girl from Hua Hin).

We’ve encountered the wreakage of this farang type both in Thailand and back in The West. It's quite common.

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