Touring Thailand


Thai Seas

Thailands Coastline along the mainland stretches about 2700 km.

In a unique manner the country has the strategic avenue of both the Andaman Sea on its western coast and the Gulf of Thailand along its main basin.

The trade winds usually blow east to west at the end of and beginning of the year.
With this in mind it's important to note that if you're trailblazing up and down the exposed 'land-corridor' that runs from Petchaburi down to Chumpon (highway 4) you'll be buffetted pretty hard by the wind. If you're on a light bike be even further on your guard and ease back on the power if need be.

If you're heading out to the islands be aware the sea state can get rough during the rainy season. If you're wanting to get your bike out there are only certain boats that will take them, usually the cargo ferrys. But some the smaller ones might do so for a fee and a brave heart.




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