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Suzuki Raider in Thailand

Suzuki Raider 150cc

Raider 150R

Engine Capacity - 150cc 4 Valve. Single Cyl. Oil Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 4.9 litres

Weight - 94 kg (dry)

Year Built - 2002 Onwards

Max power - 16 hp (claimed)

Max speed - 150 kph (claimed)

Suzuki's answer to the Honda Sonic. The Suzuki Raider is a fast, quick machine with a tough engine. In fact for an 'underbone' category bike it actually exceeds the performance of even the mighty CBR 150. Punching above its weight is what this bike does best.

As a commuting bike for nipping through city traffic this bike excels. It's got the powerful engine for some quick moves and cruising and the narrow profile for inner city work.

That said for long-distance work this isn't really a suitable bike, for all it's merits the small frame and poor roads don't go well together. Having said that if we at OTRT had a choice between this and a Honda Sonic, we'd take the Suzuki Raider.

The only drawback to owning one is the lack of electric start (early models), and the lack of bikes available (honda sonics tend to dominate the thai market).

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