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Suzuki Hayabusa in Thailand

Suzuki Hayabusa

GSXR 1300 in Thailand

Engine Capacity - 1300cc 16V. Inline 4. Liquid Cooled. EF Inj.

Fuel Capacity - 21 litres

Weight - 220 kg (dry)

Year Built - 1998 Onwards

Max power - 197 hp

Max speed - 300+ kph (est)

A legendary, formidable and extremely fast bike suited to high-speed heroics. Classed as a hyper-sports bike they are capable of insanely quick performances.
Made infamous by a Swedish outlaw who modified his bike with a turbo-charger they are considered by some meeker expats as too fast for thai roads. Indeed on first being released to the general public the makers actually reduced the horsepower a touch, fearing too much carnage and mayhem.

The Hayabusa's long wheel-base and fairly wide profile means these are not first-choice bikes for heavy traffic roads in Thailand. Nor are they cheap bikes to run. However in light-traffic areas and lone highways they will excel at fast touring and for track-day hounds they will be a favourite.
This one was pictured in the heart of a backstreet soi in Bangkok. So it seems some obviously enjoy challenging the jammed up traffic in the capital at least!

As of 2010 Suzuki began selling Hayabusa's in Thailand brand new.

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