Thailand Adventure Bike


Suzuki GSXRs in Thailand

Honda NSR 150cc in Bangkok

GSXR Thailand 1100cc

Engine Capacity - 1127cc 16V. Inline 4. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 19.2 litres

Weight - 210 kg (dry)

Year Built - 1986 - 1998

Max power - 128 - 156 hp (depending on year)

Max speed - 260 kph (est)

A tough, well designed bike suited for long-distance riding. High speed cruising is little problem for these machines.
It's a heavy and cumbersome machine in congested traffic though and parts aren't widespread.
Sometimes nicknamed the 'gixxer'

Up until 1992 these bikes were produced with an oil-cooled engine. The last of them rolled off the production line in 1998. It wouldn't be until the GSXR 1000 came along that the sports-tourer of Suzuki would ride again.

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