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Touring Thailand - Isaan Province

In search of the Nagas

Udon Thani to Nong Khai

Part II

Half-way there...

Ever wondered what a country mile looks like? Well the above picture I took I measured using the bikes odometer, at 1.6 kilometers I was just before the big blue 'Welcome to Nong Khai' sign. That's how far a mile is!

Here's the welcome sign at close range, I really am getting into overkill on this photo-recon thing now!


Not far to go now...

The above picture marks the turn-off for the Friendship Bridge (see roll-over), its a left hand turn with Vientenne. Now bikers, for reasons only known to the powers that be, aren't officially allowed to cross the bridge, but there are ways and means...
There's a link in the above text and on the menu if you want to know more about this.




Nong Khai Outskirts

Arrival at Nong Khai

Nong Khai

I finally got to meet the elusive Naga at last! He didn't say much but he seemed glad to see me! I'll let you folks be the judge in the next picture!

This is it! Arrival at Nong Khai! Not much to do here, it's not party-central by any stretch of the imagination. Plenty of restaurants and retail shops. Quite a few sugar-daddies gone to pasture. I saw one getting a real work-out pedalling his push-bike with his Thai lady riding pillion!

On the Naga Trail...
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