Touring Thailand


Touring Thailand

Bangkok or Bust

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Part VI

Setting off from Chai Nat

Rain was threatening again this morning but, despite a few specks here and there didn't downpour. Which is just as well as I'd been hasty in my packing and would of ended up soaked through!

A nice long stretch here to blast down.

Although only a fairly short distance to Lopburi route, this takes a long, winding curve before heading southwards and onto Lopburi, so it takes longer than you think.

At first I thought I'd arrived in Lopburi city center itself here, but this more of a garrison village for the 4 or 5 barracks that line the route towards the city center further on. I did find a remote 'hotel' but it was a very ramshackle short-time bordello more than a place to stay.

Arrival at Lopburi

Found a handy hotel right off the main highway here. The woman in charge was a bit of a dragon, but the price was right at 200 baht a night so in I went. My timing was right once again as not only were other hotels thin on the ground but the heavens opened just after I'd entered and the rain pounded it down for a good few hours. Once again my biker guardian senses had prevented a soaking!

The Hotel Ovenbake!

I'd not landed on my feet completely though, my laptop nearly got infested with ants who'd decided to play war game on the rooms table. In fact, the whole room was infested with the little bstards. They weren't the big fire ants which move fairly slowly, but were the tiny roadrunner ants that find every crevice and cranny of an item and scurry about like furies. Not only ants but other crawling things were mooching about the room. I went out to sample the nightlife, while I didn't explore the extent of Lopburi, it does seem to have more than Chai Nat, at least judging by the scantily clad ladies I keep seeing to-ing and fro-ing from the 7-11.

Once in bed I actually used my own sleeping bag cover to make myself feel a bit more comfortable.
The heat baked in the room, even with the pathetic little fan on full it wasn't until about 1am that the room was at a normal temperature. Believe me I wasn't going to be missing this place at all. The people do not seem friendly for the most part here and yes the rooms were 5000 kilos of buffalo crap.

The Farang Factor: Just the one accompanied by his rotund thai woman leaving the Hotel Ovenbake. He looked happy to be leaving, I'm not suprised!

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Bangkok or Bust!
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