Touring Thailand


Touring Thailand

Bangkok or Bust

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Part V

Setting off from Nakhon Sawan

Was a bit late in getting up for the next leg, but traffic wasn't too bad and I was out of the city for about 10am to get the next leg underway.

Highway 1 - Road Fatigue

Highway 1 pictures, I make no attempt to disguise the fact that I am getting road fatigue now. A days rest here and there is not enough for a protracted bike tour if you want to eliminate road fatigue.
It's not a physical fatigue, but more of a mental one, wishing the trip was over etc.

The constant starting and stopping in the next city, finding hotels and seeking out the unknown, the unpacking and re-packing of gear, getting the trip reports and photos sent up to the editor for checking and then uploading.
I still enjoy the buzz, but the action-factor does start to drain your energy banks over a period of time.

I was tempted to settle in to Nakhon Sawan for a few months to get some reports done and take in some R and R. But the call of Bangkok is stronger I guess. However, I agree with the other expats that Highway 1 is a boring highway anyway which does compound road fatigue.

Highway 1 Central Thailand

Compare to the challenging twisting mountain routes of Chiang Mai Province Highway 1 is a walk in the part. It's too easy and the mind gets bored easily. For all that though I did this trip 4 years ago from Phitsanoluk on a Honda Sonic and it was a lot tougher back then than it is now, partly cause I was a rookie for knowing the routes and ways compared with now.

The weather is still threatening the odd shower but typically it stays overcast in the morning till mid-day, clears a bit, then in the afternoon for about 3 hours then it's a downpour.

Arrival in Chai Nat

Like most of the other cities I've been to now there are these banner things, there looks to be a celebratory event in Mid November.

Only one or two hotels in Chai Nat, although listed on the maps as a city, it really is only town at that. About 2 cyber cafes and zero bars or nightlife. I'm glad I'm only staying one night.

The Farang Factor: Didn't spot one. But that is not suprising, this place is sleepy hollow when it comes to the night scene.

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