Touring Thailand


Touring Thailand

Bangkok or Bust

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

Part IV

Route Map Kamphaeng Pet to Nakhon Sawan

Setting off from Kamphaeng Pet

Highway 1 Thailand View

After navigating out of the tricky one-way system onto highway 1 again the new backpack I'd bought was giving me some grief, so after stopping and re-adjusting the whole load I was ready. Going long-distance with a bad load on your back is a no-no, the discomfort and distraction can be lethal in the wrong set of circumstances.

The Highway after Kamphaeng Pet, as you can imagine from the route map above, very boring. The 'Holeway effect' continues to a lesser extent but as long as you don't hammer it and keep to under 100 kph (on a bike) you should spot them in time and evade them easily.

Highway 1 Thailand View

Thailands road to nowhere, it just goes on and on...

Highway 1 Thailand View

Some nice views here though, away to the west.

Highway 1 Thailand View

Getting closer to Bangkok now. After the Nakhon Sawan checkpoint I'll probably go for a couple more rest-stops and then make the final fling into Bangkok.

Hang a left turn up ahead and this will get you on the road to Nakhon Sawan.

Highway 1 Thailand, Entering Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan

Nakhon Sawan Temple on the Hill

One of the first sights you'll see of Nakhon Sawan is this hill temple in the distance overlooking the city. The hill and temple dominate the landscape. With the river on one side and the hill temple on the other, it's hard to get lost in this city.

Nakhon Sawan City  Center

City Sights of Nakhon Sawan

At the river market and pier.

Nakhon Sawan River Market

Nakhon Sawan River Market

These boats will get you to the other side of the Chao Praya river in no time.

Nakhon Sawan Chao Praya River

These little thai terrapin dooks would cost an arm and leg back home in the west.
I asked how much and was told 40 baht for the small ones and 50 baht for the big one!

Nakhon Sawan

The Farang Factor: Just one with his eldery thai woman blitzing some emails off in a cafe, and that was it!

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