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Road Language - Thailand

Being unable to speak the local languge in any country is a bad thing, the moment you can converse with the local people in Thailand means a lot of the usual foreigner vs native barriers will ease right away.

Living in Thailand becomes a whole lot easier when you can speak the lingo.

Below is a comprehensive list that has been compiled for a wide range of road and traffic activities. It is not 100% perfect as the transliteration is based on how the words *sound* as opposed to how they are writed, it also is not (as yet) in thai script.

However it will enable you to get your message across and bridge any gaps you might encounter out there on the road.

The Basics

Airport Sanaam (Nak Bin)
Bus Station Satanee Rot Bus
Garage Long kep rot
Petrol Station Pam naam man
Police Station Satanee Tam Ruat
Train Station Satanee Rot Fai

The Real Deal

Accident Ubatee haed
Address Tee yuu
Break-down Sia (rising tone)
Building Akaan
Car Park Thee chat rot
Khang Nok
Khang Nai
To clean (car, bike etc) Tham kwaam sa aad
Country Prathaet
Detour Thaang awk
District Ampoe
Drive Wing / Khup
Ferry (car) Ruea kaam faak
Hotel Rong Raem
Intersection See yaek
Province Chanawat / Sangwat
Traffic Cha raa chon
Traffic Jam Rot tit
Traffic Lights Fai cha raa chon
U - Turn Glub rot

At The Garage / Roadside

Vehicle Parts
Boot Grabprong long rot
Brakes Braek
Clutch Clut
Drive Belt Sai Pang
Engine Kruang yon
Exhaust Tawaii sia
Headlight Fai naa rot
Indicator Fai li
Petrol / Gas Naan
Speedometer Kruang rot
Steering Wheel Pu
Tail-light Fai Tai
Tyre Yang
Wheel Rong rot
Wiper Thee pat raam fon
Queries / General Questions
Check the engine / vehicle Truat kruang / Rot
Re-fuel Toem naam man
Repair Som rot
Start the engine Tit kruang
Turn-off the engine Dab kruang
What are you doing now? Khun gamlang tham arai yoo?
What happened? Gurt arai khun?

Thailands a big place, explore the map below to see what Thailand has to offer!

 Map of South East Asia Nakhon Sawan Chiang Mai Province Phitsanulok Bangkok Pattaya Chumpon Hua Hin Ayutthyaya Koh Tao Koh Pang Yan Koh Samui Udon Thani Province Khon Kean Ubon Ratchathani Phuket Chiang Rai Mae Sai Nong Khai Ranong Cambodia Laos Vietnam Vietnam Kamphaeng Pet


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