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Rabies in Thailand

It is unfortunate but Thailand is no stranger to the harrowing disease known as Rabies. Dog's are the most prevalent vector's for Rabies and it's unusual and 'clever' nature means that aggressive and violent dogs become docile and amiable while peaceful and good-natured animal's become the complete opposite.

Feral pack's of dogs in Thailand are widespread, usually most active in the evening and at night. Usually fed by local's and often breeding out of control thus exacerbating the problem further. The disease is present in an infected animal's bloodstream and saliva, making a bite from one likely to transmit the deadly virus.

Rabies Bite Wound

Rabies Treatment in Thailand

If you are bitten by a dog in Thailand it's strongly advisable to get a course of the Rabies Vaccine, which is available at the nearest clinic. If you don't know where that is then ask at the nearest pharmacy / chemist. The Thai word for Rabies is: 'Rokh Klua Naam'

Rabies Vaccination

Once at the Clinic, tell them you've been bitten and they'll start the treatment. It's not a one-stop deal unfortunately and isn't that cheap either. You're looking at roughly 500 baht per shot plus a bit extra for the antibiotic's. There are five rabies shots or injections in total, over the course of a month. So 2500 baht all-in for rabies shots. There's also Tetanus shots (there's three of them at 500 baht a pop) but that's separate to Rabies shots.

Rabies Vaccination Card

While there, if they haven't already offered, get them to dress your wound for you. Dog bite's tend to be slightly deeper with the incisor's doing most of the puncturing, as long as no artery's or vein's are punctured you'll be ok. The key with Rabies treatment is to get treatment right away. Although it's classed as a vaccine having the shots JUST after being bitten is ok as it takes time for the disease to take root. As an added bonus you are now immune from ever catching Rabies in the future...

Should a person develop the symptom's of Rabies (having failed to get the post vaccination shots but BEFORE the virus is fully etc). There is an emergency treatment at a hospital which involves the dreaded needle through the abdomen to tackle the virus directly. This is an incredibly painful remedy to something that could of been remedied beforehand.

Should Rabies develop fully there is no known cure and within months it will prove fatal, but not before brain-changing symptoms and mental psychosis ensures



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