Touring Thailand


Timeout at the Reservoir

Chiang Mai - Getting away from it all

At the Reservoir

This was a very cool and relaxing place outside of Chiang Mai municipal limits. No tourists, just me, a few expats in the know and a thai pickup driver doing some fishing. We carried on down the causeway all the way around and past the reservoir.

The Reservoir causeway

We went through a very peaceful and quiet thai village, probably not seen a farang in ages then we came to the river crossing.

It was all in Thai, with a pretty little landscaped river coming down the mountain.

The Mountain River, Near Chiang Mai

It was just a day-trip really, getting us out and about away from the city-base.

River crossing near Chiang Mai

Sometimes its what's needed, whether you're a writer, a seasoned drinker needing a break from the drink or just in the mood for exploring. Northern Thailand has the space and outdoors lifestyle.

Reservoir Near Chiang Mai

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