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Pranburi Bike Week

100 Eyes Bike Week Pranburi

The OTOP in Pranburi is normally accustomed to the moves of pinneapples, employees and goods vehicles.

On the night of the full moon on the 19th February 2011 the fetching pinneapple monument shook and rattled the sounds of V-Twin's and high-revving Japanese engine power!

The medium-sized paddock area soon filled up over the course of the and the OTOP location was transformed from a barren piece of concrete parking with buildings to a colourful event of music, bikes and high-chrome machines.
The day began quite slowly.  It wasn’t until the end of the afternoon that things began to take proper form with the gear set-up and the tents erected.  Some good things were that the 200 baht price entry (applicable only once the night event started) got you a free beer, T-Shirt and food.  Free-food isn’t a given at biker weeks so to get this was a bonus.  There were plenty of other food vendors around the areas fringes though.

Pranburi Bike Week Setup

I took a wander around before things got crazy and crowded.  Inside the OTOP building was a massage room and various shops selling pineapple products.  I bought some nice dehydrated pineapple, it was nice, but a bit sugary. Some more bikes arrived early doors but the majority came later on...

Pranburi Harley Davidson

Custom Bike at Pranburi Bike Week


The bikes were varied.  At this event there were plenty of old-school cafe-racer’s and those inspired by them, plus the usual custom machines and sportsbikes.   Of the latter there were not so many, but the ones that showed up were to the usual high-standard for the most part.

Custom Bike Pranburi

Pranburi Custom Bike Unveiled

Custom Gear Shift on Chopper!

This bike was real piece of work.  It was a custom job alright but had something I’d never seen done before on a bike; A manual stick-shift!  It worked too as I demonstrate on the video!  Top marks to the designer and welder on this artifact!

Thai Soldiers

Unlike the Hua Hin event the police presence was restricted to the OTOP entranceway only.  Easy-going soldiers took care of the internal arrangements and the mingled with us quite amiably; A semi-auto on the hip and their family and kids around was quite a contrast. They kept sober though and didn't cause any bother.

Things to buy here were not that many, but variable.

Harley Parts

Biker Sharps

Biker Badges

Cattle Prod Thai

Dinky Toys

Badges, badges and more badges.  Flags, Harley Davidson motifs etc .
A fair few of the enduring buddhist wheels from ancient times and even the swastika (haken cruz) that attracts controversy from those dark days of the 1940s where here. 
I took the seller to the question on it, asking him his opinion on it etc.  He grinned with a sly look of evasion, knowing where I was going.  I couldn’t grill him too much as it was and is lucky ancient emblem here and elsewhere.  I asked him if it was good or bad because of the WW2 connection and I got the enigmatic ‘Can be good, can be bad also.’  Ever the duality of Asia...

Other less inflammatory stuff on offer was motorcycle parts, biker gear and helmets.  Interestingly a few stalls had some fairly well crafted weapons on display, even a fullyfunctional cattle prod I got an accidental jolt off!

Do any farangs own these? (see below)

Little Monkey Bike!

Thai Band Playing at Bike Week

Cute Girls at Bike week

Jacko in Thailand

There were no dancing girls for admiring here, contests or any stunt biking.  But the band played pretty good Carabao and some Michael Jackson impersonator did a few brief moves, the crowd went wild but he didn’t stick around for long, guess it’s a busy business being the gloved-one these days...

Dragon Gang!

Biker Pranburi

Head Stone (Stonehead) Rider Tag

Black Porker Biker

Vampire Gang Biker in Thailand

Varied biker gangs as always at biker weeks in Thailand.  Dragon, Stonehead and more.  It was 100 Eyes Biker Gang that put a lot of work into making this event happen and their efforts were not in vain. 

Chopper Parade

Bikes Everywhere

Yamaha Vmax in Pranburi

Nice identical number plates here!

Rough Ride Bikers

BMW Tourer

The rowdy and wild Vampire Biker crew from Cha-am and Hua Hin were here too.  Strutting and mooching around like latter-day norsemen in their cups, adding to the flavour.  I thought I was about to get filled in at one point, but they only wanted to have their picture taken, I dutifully obliged and now they are on display in all their glory.

Vampire Gang get rowdy

By about midnight It was winding down a bit and the rest of the crew were slowly making moves back on the road.  For me it was not going to be a night-ride back.
The racing sounds from the highway meant there were high-octane thrills to be had an ambulance went by at one state during the night suggesting all was not well with the street racers there though.

Pranburi Biker Week OTOP

Although my videos may suggest otherwise I wasn’t going to risk a night ride all the way back to base, I’d be crashing in the highway hotel (hopefully not literally!) and riding back in the morning.  Fate had a strange mood that night as I rode back out of the Biker Week as a little Thai dude on a 2 stroke fancied his chances :D So I decided to rev-up and stretch the machine for WR to get in on the action a bit  ;)


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