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Pattaya Walking Street

Babylon unleashed, Sin City's heart of darkness, the fleshpot of Thailand. All come to mind in this heaving mesh of tourism, vice and entertainment.

Walking Street is a small pedestrianised area off-limits to traffic by night.

At day-time it's open to traffic:

As night falls you have all the night-scene come alive...

Some exchanges between the taxi-boys and the bike cop here. Later on tonight the'll be some exchanges of an adult kind beyond these gates...

As you get further down walking street the real shows are starting play.

Lucifer by day, and by night. The neon adds to the gaudy groove of this place.

It's not all bars and go-gos. Art galleries, restaurants and pharmacies are here and there.

Once you're past the middle of Walking Street the scene becomes more subdued, more sophisticated you might say. This is something that Walking Street might become in later years. There is a drive in some quarters to move Walking Streets raunchier establishments onto 2nd Road. It hasn't happened yet, but in the future who knows?

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