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Pattaya Sukumvit Highway 3

Pattaya Highway

Although often referred to as a road, Sukumvit is a Highway that runs from Bangkok all the way past Chonburi and beyond to Rayong.

It's wide enough and has plenty of development on both sides. For such a small city that it joins to there are hi-end condo's, facilities and even an independent ferrari dealership!

The highway is handy for moving up and down the area during rush-hour on motor bike. There are more lanes and you can cross-filter through the traffic more easily.

The images start from Theppasit Road junction, Sukumvit Highway 3 looking northwards.

Pattaya Highway

Just north of here is the Big C shopping centre and the left hand turn-off for Pattaya Tai also known as Pattaya South. Go take this if you want to reach 3rd Road, 2nd Road and Beach Road.

At this point, between the junctions for Pattaya South and Central are the repair garages and parts shops for bikes and cars.

Coming up to Pattaya Klang also known as Pattaya Central now.

Got some construction work going on ahead in the distance. It'll be finished soon (give or take a year or two - Ed).

Ahead is the last of the major junctions of Sukumvits Highway for Pattaya. Pattaya North or Nua.

The highway leads on away northwards... If you follow this it leads beyond Pattaya and up into the Naklua junctions...

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