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Watch Ryders somewhat eccentric eye on the city brings you some 'alternate' pictures and musings of around the Pattaya. These aren't professional, but they are authentic!

Quad Bikes Pattaya

Caught this corker of a pic on Sukumvit, these boys are headin' outta town eastward-bound. Maybe on the trail for some adventure over near Darkside. It's kinda neat over there. Good trails for these boys to play with.

Big Development in little pattaya

They say the price of progress is development, I'm not always sure about that but in Thailand, big buildings springing up are king of the agenda in the tourist zones. Pattaya's no exception. All around this part of town are are squatters shacks rubbing up against the wealth of the big spenders and buildings.
It's a strange contrast but it's just part of the game out here.

Jomtien Pier boat

Taken in Jomtien this is how things were much more before the neo-commercial vibe of Pattaya's tune came a-callin'. Make no mistake I felt like the intruder here, or at least the rabid dog nearby made me feel like it...

Pattaya Hedgehog

Little prickly hedgehogs seem a world away from the usual Thai pets. But for some reason they are right here in a Pattaya market. Make sure your kids aren't slap-happy with them.

Arab Quarter Pattaya

Well, this section wouldn't be complete without at least one shot of the bar scene.
Being on an eccentric slant for this I took it before the scene got going at the girls were arriving for work. This was in the Arab Quarter of Pattaya. I can certainly say it's different, but the arab zone isn't really my cup of char.

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