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Pattaya Hazards

In pattaya crime, death and hazards are a factor. It's not in your face usually but just read some of the forums, look in the thai newspapers and you'll see the grimmer and unpleasant sides of life in Thailand.

As a tourist you won't really see the hazards worst effects unless you are unlucky or go looking for trouble in the wrong places, then it's a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time...

As an expat, the risks can increase. Being in a location longer can mean you pick up on the 'street knowledge' the 'no-go areas' and so on. But it can also mean you risk being overconfident and underestimating things and places.

Beach Road Vice

Although Pattaya is known for its vice it's this place is particular that is one of the more infamous zones. Flick on Pattaya News and almost every day there will be a short article featuring this area. On the wide pavemented, beach-side of beach road is where the Ladyboys lurk along with prostitutes. Considered the lowest of the low on the ladder of vice they are either too old or unwilling to undergo STD checks at the bars and end up here. They ply their trade here with the beach itself as a place to lie down. One expat has remarked they are not unlike something out of the living-dead, hungry with eyes set on the foreigner. Many are likely to be brimming with VD or even HIV. If any are desperate enough for the woman there are far safer places than here. As an added danger it's also a haven for thieves and muggers who will pose as sex workers and then rob unsuspecting tourists and beguiled expats. Druggings, beatings while 'on-the-job' and more are all said to common here.

Johnny Bravo says: If walking down beach road stick to the other side of the road. It's a bit narrower but the 'living-dead' aren't allowed on that side.

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