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Pattaya Beach Road

Beach Road

Pattaya's beach road is almost spoken of more than Walking Street. It's the main avenue for tourists, entertainment folk and curious visitors. It's busy, even before mid-day the traffics busy and brisk. From about halfway down (heading south) the beer bars and restaurants are legion. Side sois lead off to the left linking up with 2nd Road. These are key to returning the way you came if you miss something. At the end of Beach Road is the infamous Walking Street of Pattaya.

Jetski's for hire, the beach to relax in and nearby bars to while away the hours are all within walking distance here. We'd keep a wary eye against hiring jetski's; there have been enoug

Just before that are the big bike rentals. Since the big crack-down of late 2008 and early 2009 a lot of the big bikes have been seized and the rental places punished. But the money talks and it didn't take long before the old and bold racers have changed for legit and modern expensive bikes. Yamaha R1s and R6s galore along with the new Kawasaki Ninja in questionable green paintwork.

Jomtien Beach Road

Beach road starts here if you're following the one-way system around from 2nd Road. To your left is the crowded-but-safer-by-night walkway.

Beach Road beach, by day...

On the right is the beach-way side which is wider, at nightfall is full of dodgy hustlers, hookers and ladyboys.
If you want to take in the horror show it's all there on display and plays each and every night. For a more distant view, check the thai forums or a Pattaya TV channel and you'll get all the gossip and goings on from them.

Looking at the above picture though, the day-scene is a world away in the sunwashed heat.

Did we say that traffic gets bad on Beach Road? This is just a morning taste!

At this point you are reaching the malls on Beach Road. There are two big ones. Mikes is one and Central is the other. Mikes Mall is ok and affordable, plus it has a swimming pool.
On the left here is central Festival Mall which is more high-end and pricier. It does have arguably the best cinema complexes in Pattaya with more english-speaking films than Central Plaza Mall.

Currently another mall / tower block is under construction on beach road, but whether that will be completed in the near-future is another story...

Just one of many bike hire places. The big bikes are just ahead and partially obscured. The little guy on the extreme left is no doubt waiting for me to show an interest. Keep your cool riding one of these big bikes and wear a helmet.
We got sent some horror show pictures of 2 Russian folks who hired bikes out from someone along here and smashed their heads apart trying to be the madman riders.

Walking Street Ahoy! Complete with an all singing, all dancing 50 ft plasma tv on the entrance it certainly has the trimmings of bawdy Babylon. It's daytime now though and the night people don't come out till later. Having said that it's not just bars and go-gos along here, restaurants and art gallery's also ply their trade.

The Beach Road ends as it goes left onto 2nd Road and ahead is Walking Street.

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