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Pattaya 3rd Road

This road is directly parallel to 2nd Road and Sukumvit Highway. It has perhaps a touch less traffic than beach road and 2nd. It has a more even balance of restaurants, retail and amenities. The bars are here too of course but not in as great density as Beach Road. A few discoteques and a coyote bar are along this avenue.

Bangkok Comes to Pattaya

This road, unfortunately is jam-packed with traffic during rush-hour. You're talking busy roads from about 5pm 'till 8pm. During the weekend exodus from Bangkok it only becomes worse. Being a night owl certainly has it's benefits if you want to avoid rush-hour and the bs it brings.

Starting from the east where the flyover (from walking streets beach curve takes you) joins. Just ahead is a set of traffic lights (see rollover).

Some would consider this to be where 3rd road begins in Pattaya. Just ahead are the traffic lights for Pattaya South. Hang a left to get to 2nd Road or a right for Sukumvit Highway.
Just on the right you'll notice this smoozie-looking guy with billboards and garish adverts scattered up and down 3rd road and beyond. If nothing else we find them a handy reference point if lost.

Continue over the lights. Here's another one of tonys 'calling cards' on the right. Some more lights ahead for southern district pattaya.

You're getting to what we call the heart of central pattaya. This is also where your big bike hire places are along with biker bars and the usual mish-mash of retail and recreational stuff that goes on.
Just ahead and on the left are Juke Box and Xzyte discoteques. More about these in another section.

Big door man sign above looks dodgy (been in yet WR? Ed) but this area has you in the middle of 3rd road.

Traffic lights for Pattaya Central road coming up.

Bring a mask here at rush-hour, if not just suck in them fumes and light up a cigarette for good measure.

Can be nice and clear here sometimes for a short buzz on the bike. But don't get too crazy, just look at that silver minivan pulling across in front of the bikes. There wasn't an accident, but it was close.

2nd Road Pattaya

Nearly at the end now.

You're at the end of 3rd Road now folks. Turning left here will take you onto Pattaya North Road which goes towards Beach Road.
Going right will take you onto Sukumvit Highway.

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