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Pattaya 2nd Road

This road is directly parallel to Pattaya Beach Road and all the soi's join directly to this one. It's got the bars, hotels, restaurants, massage places but not the go-go's.
Being a one-way street for the most part means you can make fairly steady progress to get to the north end of Pattaya.

It is important to realise that 2nd Road, like Beach Road is on a one-way system. Except that it runs northwards. The one-way system begins from a certain point as you reach parallel with Walking Street.

For parking on 2nd Road you need to be careful. Like Phuket and Hua Hin there is an odd side of the road one day and an even side the following.
Try not to be caught out by this, the police are not slow in clamping and ticketing clueless farang on this one. (The CBRs not been seized yet has it WR? - Ed)

(Now keep in mind the following series of pics WRs taken were taken before mid-day so bear in mind if you head down-town at rush-hour you're in a whole different ball-park. - Ed)

2nd Road Pattaya

Still on the 2-way system.

Beach Road approaching Walking Street

Getting to the 1st set of lights.

2nd Road Pattaya

Ok, just after the lights is where the one-way system on 2nd road starts.

2nd Road Pattaya BZ turnoff

Major bar scene all over this area at night. But if you hang an immediate left you end up in 'Boyz town' so don't do that, unless that's your kind of groove in which case turn left.

2nd Road Pattaya

Mid-way point.

2nd Road Pattaya

Just within view here is a sign for Mikes Shopping Mall on the left. There's always something going down outside this joint at night-time and it's usually of an adult or violent nature.
The Mall itself is nothing to write home about, but is a useful landmark for getting your bearings.

2nd Road Turn off for Central Road

2nd set of lights on 2nd Road are ahead. Turn left for Beach Road, right for Central Pattaya Road (which will take you to the highway) or head straight on (which is what we'll do now).

2nd Road Pattaya Central Plaza

Coming to the end of 2nd Road now. A roundabout completes the end of this road and will take you towards the following places: Naklua, along Pattaya North Road or towards Beach Road.

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