Touring Thailand


An overview of Thailand, with an OTRT twist!

A true biker is born and not made. Many are the differences of each but when a biker comes to Thailand they'll find themselves in different places, different zones. Where do you find yourself?

Mountain Trailblazer -Mountainous: Chiang Mai Province, Mae Sot

"A mountain to climb, a valley to explore and a machine to hit the trail in. You do it for yourself, the club or maybe just because it's there..."

Sweeping vistas, near traffic-free roads mean an uncluttered, elitist biking scene. But the winding terrain, tight turns and lack of nearby biker resources can mean this is a remote and risky way of biking. The margins of error are slim indeed once you are 'In The Zone'.

Low Plains Rider - Central Plains Thailand: Kamphaeng Pet, Nakhon Sawan

"Rice paddys and fields to left and right of you, you pause on the undending highway to nowhere. You'll get there in the end because you've made it this far and journey can only get better."

Lush green flora and fauna are often the eye's reward here. The flat terrain may seem boring, but at least you can see what's coming and make good progress. The cities are more like large towns and traffic is manageable, even for a big 1000cc bike and once on the highways you can really let rip! Beware of U Turners and Pull-Outs.

City Hawk - Urban Jungle: Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai City

"Sky scrapers loom above and gaudy bars and go-gos call out below as you you ride past through the city streets. Brown clad enforcers out and the narrow sois fly past as you press on, eager to see what's new and waiting to be found."

For the biker the heat, congestion and traffic will test you to the limit. You'll have the benefit of large parts resources and any 2nd hand bikes and new ones usually come through the Capital first. Be wary of bike theft if you ride a big bike and learn the ways of navigating the urban jungle...

Isaan Intruder - Isaan Plateau: Khorat, Khon Kaen, Nakhon Panom, Udon Thani, Ubon Ratchathani

"You're one of the gang, in the brotherhood groove, getting ready to roll out and ride the Isaan Trail once more. It's an easy going thing but still got a few surprises to spring on you."

Riding in Isaan isn't a difficult place. The roads tend to be flat and open. The cities are usually small enough not to cause problems for all but the rookiest of bikers.

Rider of the Isles -Islands: Koh Tao, Phuket, Koh Pha-ngan, Koh Samui

"You're the biker out here, you've seen it all, the nightlife, the diving and more besides. But now it's the biking scene that will test your skills as ride the isles to find your way."

As an island biker you'll be in a microsm of tourism, nightlife and rewarding scenery. Expense, extroversion and lifestyle are often the name of the game here. Everything is pricier but the farang people are ever changing and it can be an interesting groove while it lasts.

For out and out diving Koh Tao's your island, it's got partying too, don't expect big bikes here just small honda sonics. Party island is Koh Pha ngan where the full moon beat will blow your mind and your eardrums. Last but not least the mother island herself; Koh Samui, as expensive as a capital city but large enough to ride and explore for days on end.

Coastal Cruiser: Southern Thailand - Chumpon, Hua Hin, Bang Saphan, Ranong, Deep South

"The trade winds buffet you this way and that, as you weave around potholes can be mean. Yet you're a farang alone among the thai's and far from any tourists as you open the throttle and move a little closer to heaven."

A Biker apart from the masses you have a whole different region to play in. The Ranong mountains near to Chumpon give a great challenge during visa runs and and the Gulf trade winds will blast you as you ride the coastal highway. The cities are nice and small, if less a little less developed compared to those close to the capital city.


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