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Night Life In Ratchada District

Ratchada District

Bangkok's very own playground for the well-heeled sugar daddies, footloose and fancy-free bachelors and shoppers keen to sample the malls late night openings.
Pretty much slap-bang in the middle of Bangkok with a rapid metro/subway to get you up and down Ratchada road with no hassles.

The Clubs of Ratchada

Royal City Avenue

Royal City Avenue or simply RCA for short keeps up Ratchada Districts high standards with a strip of nightspots running the length of the curved road. Everywhere here is always fresh and 'new' and it's beloved by hordes of young Thai students. Prices are fairly high but the shows and music getting pumped out is usually good compensation. Be warned though, if you've got sensitive hearing keep back from the speakers, they are not for the faint hearted.

Massage Complexes

High-Class Massage Entertainment Complex

Also known as Gentlemens Clubs, Entertainment Complexes and Soapy Bathhouses. They usually are the most expensive places for 'massage' in Thailand (beyond even edens prices) but have a reputation for quality.

Here, to put it subtley, the ancient profession of massage and <ahem> various cleansing rituals is practised with the lady of your choice from a 'harem' of women. This is the opposite to the extrovert and western orientation of Bangkoks other Entertainment / Nightlife Zones like Nana and Patpong.

Although massage is usually the mainstay of what goes on here, there is usually a singer or stage performers dressed up in costumes, dresses etc.
These places employ only the most desirable of workers for the most part, who can also ensure that whatever goes on inside those four-walls, stays there. Although this is not quite geisha standards and skill but they usually aim to come close to it.

The clientele can vary but typically the middle to upper-echelons of the social classes of Thailand patron the place. A typical badly dressed tourist would most probably be turned away at the door of most Ratchada establishments.

It might seem out of touch in the west for places to cater to men with money to burn and a roving eye but here in Thailand such notions are, thankfully, spurned in favour of keeping the Thai menfolk satisfied and happy. Along with, of course, any farangs who discover such places.

Notable examples include: Emmanuelle massage, Posiden Massage and Rivera Massage. There are others but they are off the beaten track and on a need-to-know basis.

Poseidon Massage

Ratchada Massage Complex Small

Getting to Ratchada

MRT Ratchada

One of the easiest ways is the handy MRT aka Subway system. There are several MRT stations that run a large section of Ratchada. Motorbike and car are the other usual methods.


Ratchada's a big place, explore the map below to see what else Thailands nightlife has to offer!


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