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Night Life In Phuket

Phuket is often percieved as the 'middle ground' between Pattaya's excesses and Bangkoks gigantic proportions. This is another place where fishing and quiant buildings are now less known than the boistrous nightlife.
The main zone of activity is Patong Beach, which for reasons that are mostly lost in the mists of time became the centre for nightlife and partying on Phuket.
Thailands many young girls, boys and women make their way to this pretty-little island in search of fortune and success. Whether they find it or not is another matter entirely but when night falls the night-scene comes to life in Phuket and along comes the farang . . .

Phuket Town

Phuket town itself is organised more as an administrative capital than a rocking and rolling party town. It does have nightlife, but apart from the few expat bars it's pretty ordinary from any other port town, except with more white people in it.

Patong Beach

Patong Beach is a pretty fruity place once it's sundown. For the south of Thailand (bar only Sungai Kolok) it doesn't get any more raunchy and racy than the beer-bar sois, shows and venues. The girls who travel here are easily the match for their Pattaya counterparts and possibly a little less aggressive. This is an expensive area now though but still a good place to have fun. If it's your first time to Patong Beach hit those bars and enjoy the blast.
Be aware that if you keep hitting them you'll end up a burned out expat wreck so keep it fresh.

Tiger Complex: An open-fronted complex on Ratuthit that is popular with tourists and has bar after bar with howling siren women ready to entertain and greet. The noise in here is hellish so bring some earplugs or lose a few decibels of sensitivity.

Sharkys Disco: An edgy, old-school disco that draws in the expat more than the tourist. It keeps closing and opening like taxi door because of legal wrangling though.

As you walk the sois and streets where all the beer bars are you will be hassled by the annoying indian tailors who won't take no for an answer. Just ignore the idiots and keep on moving.

Karon Beach

Further down to the south at Karon Beach the nightlife here is a bit more subdued and relaxed, the traffic a bit lighter. The girls and nightscene still goes on but you have to look for it, rather than it look for you so to speak.

Kata Beach

Even further to the south is Kata Beach, a once sleepy hollow type coastal region. It still is a bit sleepy hollow but the nightscene has come along to even here. Less bars and girls than Karon, but showing signs of progress

Entertainment Venues - Phuket

Outside of the main hub of Patong there is a fairly unique and worthwhile show called the Phuket Phantasea. I've seen it and it's something to take the girl along to for a one-off show about Thai Legends and history told in a musical/action fighting kinda way. The place is a about 45 minute to an hours drive from Patong Beach.

Phuket and Beyond...

Keep things fresh and keep on the move if the place starts to grind on you. By road, there's one way in and one way out - The Friendship Bridge. Get prepped, mobile and hit the road! Once across the bridge go either north or east to the next major city.

Nightlore: Do not lose your cool with the tuk-tuk drivers when drunk, they are nasty folk to cross and will not hesitate in fighting in numbers. A good plan is not to get too drunk when getting a lift home by one of them.


Thailands a big place, explore the map below to see what Thailands nightlife has to offer!

 Map of South East Asia Chiang Mai Province Phitsanulok Bangkok Pattaya Chumpon Ayutthyaya Koh Tao Koh Pang Yan Koh Samui Udon Thani Province Khon Kean Ubon Ratchathani Phuket Chiang Rai Mae Sai Nong Khai Ranong Cambodia Laos Vietnam Vietnam Chang Mai Province Phitsanulok Bangkok Koh Tao Koh Pang Yan Koh Samui Pattaya Hua-Hin Phuket Ayutthaya Udon Thani Khon Kean Ubon Ratchathani Chumpon Chang Mai Province Phitsanulok Bangkok Koh Tao Koh Pang Yan Koh Samui Pattaya Hua-Hin Phuket Ayutthaya Khon Kaen Ubon Ratchathani Chumpon Udon Thani Nong Khai


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