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Night Life In Koh Tao

Koh Tao, despite being a tiny island, has a vibrant nightlife scene for its size, make no mistake, every night there is a party somewhere on this island in one bar or another.
This is partly thanks to the scuba diving industry that has turned the Koh Tao into a diving colony.

The night being a time when divers want to unwind and chill out means that the beach-bars, restaurants and reggae-style retreats are the trend here but there are a few exceptions here and there.

Mae Haad Harbour

Koh Tao's harbour town, sloping uphill with almost all restaurants lining the upward slope this place is of the more family orientated mindset. No girly beer bars exist but a few bars with pool tables in by the beach make up for it.

Sairee Beach

Once a marshy swamp and now a scuba-village, this is where a lot of the nightlife for single divers is. On the main road into Sairee village and on the 7-11 road there are a few girly bars here.

Chalok Baan Khao

The southernmost beach on Koh Tao which has a very subliminal atmosphere. The bars here tend to be low-key and fairly tranquil.

Venus Park

The biggest venue in Koh Tao for partying is Venus Park. Situated in the middle of the jungle (south central geographically), it is only opened for big party's like the Half-Moon Party, Xmas or New Year. Getting to it is a challenge. Doable on a trail bike and pick-up, a bit hairy coming back drunk as a monkey with the muddy road winding and wending up and down!

Half-Moon Party

The half-moon party is Koh Tao's answer to Koh Pha-ngans rave-fueled extravaganza. It takes place at a hilly out-door venue not far from Chalok Baan Khao (about a 10 - 15 minute bike ride). More civilised, with usually house-style music instead of rave yet retaining a lawless edge, the half-moon party enjoys a limited degree of success. But it isn't really a bit hit with mainlanders who aren't 'in the know'. Most people who go are Koh Tao divers and visiting tourists who pick up it by word-of-mouth.

Koh Tao and Beyond...

Being in Koh Tao can get to be a grind, once you've done the dive, seen the scene and danced the jungle boogie the place can seem too small for the numbers.

Nightlore: Watch yourself riding back and forth on the main road. It is a highway (despite the other bypass one) and many farang have ended their days riding drunk and been side-swiped on the way home.


Thailands a big place, explore the map below to see what Thailands nightlife has to offer!

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