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Nakhon Sawan City

Nakhon Sawan is the first of the thai cities along the Chao Phraya River. Part of it's name (Nakhon) actually means 'large city' in english so it is no surprise that the traffic here can be busier than many other provincial cities.

One-way systems and a nicely laid out grid network infrastructure mean this city is fairly easy to navigate around.

Nakhon Sawan is what we consider as an all-rounder of a city in some ways. It's a provincial city but one in which the Thai-Chinese have a real presence.
There are malls and some nightlife/entertainment giving it western edge. Yet for city as busy by day and its size, it sleeps fairly early and there's a dearth of cheap, affordable accommodation.
In fact, if you don't understand thai language you'll not find accommodation for the night unless you opt for the expensive hotels. So when you ride in to this place, keep your wits about you.

Strangely, outside of Bangkok, this is the only place we've seen where prostitution takes place openly and on the street. It's not often while walking into 7/11 you're being harangued by the local she-devils!

The local language and dialect follows the official government thai or central dialect.

Nakhon Sawan Facts

Founded: ? A.D

Population: 400,000 (Approx)

Size (Metropolitan): 8 Sq. Miles

Typical Visa Run Destination: Mae Sot or Mae Sae.

Seasons and Weather.

The north-centrally located Nakhon Sawan is a sweltering city, despite being slightly north of Bangkok. Sitting on flat, low-lying plains mean for humidity.

The heavily built up environment amplifying the high temperatures year round with the cold season bringing only a marginal drop in temperatures. The wettest part of the year is normally September and the coldest is usually December and January.

Cool Season - October to February. Avg Temp - 26 C

Hot Season - March to May. Avg Temp - 32 C

Wet Season - June to September. Avg Temp - 30 C.

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Nakhon Sawan Map

The map of Nakhon Sawan shows the layout of the city. The red line marks the main highway running north to south

Nakhon Sawan Provincial Map

Nakhon Sawan Map

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