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Nakhon Sawan Images

Nakhon Sawan Map

The map of Nakhon Sawan. The red line is the main highway 2 taking you either north to Kampaeng Pet, or south to Chai Nat and eventually Lopburi. To the east of the highway is where the city is. You've got two main intersections that lead in and out of the city.

Nakhon City Streets

Taken by day before rush-hour. Getting around does take a bit of time, you find accessing the river is not straightforward due to the one-way system. Once you find your bearings it's not difficult though.

City Industry

Always a good thing to see a Thai city with its own light industry section. For the homesteading expat this place would be handy for some ambitious DIY projects!

Chao Phraya River

The Chao Praya River. You can get to Bangkok from here! It'll take a while though. We'll stick with the bike for now!


These terrapins were for sale at the boat station by some local kids.

Street Market Scene

Managed to capture this moment on the fly, thai markets are always places where things are happening, this is a day market and closes fairly early.

Nakhon Sawan Map

The map of Nakhon Sawan shows the layout of the city. The red line marks the main highway running north to south

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