Meet The Crew Of OTRT


Thailand can be a quirky, strange and intriguing place. So it should come as no surprise that the many expats and foreigners who live here are any different!
The OTRT crew are expats living in Asia and contribute to this website! They all have a life-time of experience to call upon and each section has a guide to explain things.
Read on and I'll introduce you to the crew of On The Road Thailand...

The Patrician

As mysterious as he is benevolent and sanguine, he was the driving force behind this website, as well as a patron to those who support it. To those close to him he is both a friend and a mentor. To his enemies, he is a constant thorn in their side.
From his ivory tower he moves behind-the-scenes; observing, directing, planning and acting for the good of all.

The Watcher

Once a nameless wanderer from a faraway realm, for now his wandering is at an end and he roams Thailand instead. A force for the good and a friend to local and foreigner alike.
Person, establishment and machine are under constant scrutiny from The Watcher. If all is well, the report delivered to OTRT's editor will reflect glowingly. If all is not well, the report delivered will be damning indeed.
His Watching of the many wrong-doers and places see's a flood of data pour into OTRT headquarters. Here it is sorted, correlated, photo edited and prepared for inclusion onto the OTRT website.
He is the bane of the low-life farang and a constant headache to those out to scam others. Death threats and danger may see The Watcher fade into the shadows from time-to-time, but only until the coast is clear, then he will emerge, ready to begin Watching again...

The Editor

A brooding, furious, hive of activity surrounds The Editor. Imagine a mad professor gone into magazine editing and behold The Editor; both eccentric and edgy. Approaching his sphere of operations with field reports demands skill and timing; too soon and his madcap plans will come to naught, too late and OTRT HQ shakes to the core with The Editors wrath.
All content that is to be published must first pass through The Editor's hands. He must decipher the data that floods in from not just the Watchers, but from the many contributors to OTRT. Having deciphered the ramblings, musings, hieroglyphics and reports he must ascertain it's suitability, credibility and accuracy. Then it is sorted, correlated, photo edited and copy-protected for inclusion onto the OTRT website. Occasionally you'll see his quirky second opinion pop-up in italics (like now! - Ed).


Zoonie The Night Owl is the mascot of On The Road Thailand, he's also on the company logo.
Say 'hello' Zoonie!
Zoonie doesn't fly outside much, the heat and humidity of Thailand (even at night) normally sends him flapping back inside after an hour or so to cool down.
He doesn't say much, but when he hoots away The Editor make some sense of it. The Editors a bit of a night owl himself, which is probably why Zoonie is always perched in his office. Either that or Ed's a bit of a Dr Doolitle on-the-side. (You'd better believe it! - Ed) I haven't heard any of words of wisdom from Zoonie yet, but he is said to give advice and information to Watch Ryder via the bikes Radio link...

Johnny B.

Hi there! This is me 'The voice of the unspoken majority' Johnny B. I'm a quirky, colourful character just like the rest of the crew and contribute to the columns on OTRT. I try and pick up on farang current affairs at 'grass roots level.' I could be the face in the crowd listening to your views and ideas, the farang sat next to you in a bar just making normal conversation. I usually try and take a balanced view of most things that get discussed on the expat scene. When I'm not busy doing my day job I'm normally writing the weekly/monthly (sporadic at best!- Ed) colums for us here at OTRT. Whatever the buzz on the streets is usually ends up in columns. Although it can take awhile to get onto here!

The Seekers

On The Road Thailand is often assisted, both knowingly and unknowingly, by a maverick expatriate network that exists in Thailand. Secrecy is paramount and membership is a privilege and not a right. Usually only those who are asked can join, but there are exceptions...
All Seekers must have the rugged adventure credentials to be considered. Long range big biking, owning, riding and fixing a bike is one such doing. Another is standing apart from the crowd, being an introvert amid the extroverts and telling it like it is. To be a Biking Seeker is standing out from the crowd and that means steering clear of the over-established and regulated bike gangs and clubs.
You find your own way in life, no-one tells you what it is and being apart from great hordes of bikers who only ride as packs isn't really what OTRT is about. Long distance adventures, travelling solo, or in small groups is key. Seekers are tight knit and tend to move below the radar. No groupthink, our own rules and road ahead are the watchwords.

Cynical yet driven, focused yet laid back.

CBR 150 Repsol

Honda Sonic

Hua Hin

Ant. Cynical to the extreme CBR 1100, MIO Ramintra, Bangkok
Neverdie Laid Back Suzuki Raider, CBR 600 South of Bangkok
Man of Galt Focused CBR 150R Where the need takes me

There is no charge for joining us as a Seeker at On The Road. You don't have to attend meetings or any of that bs, only get out there riding, adventuring and exploring the land. If a call goes out from one of the other Seekers try to assist in any way possible. Meets are entirely voluntary and low-level. If a gathering is called by one Seeker and no-one shows up, then that is how it is. Currently the list is full, all four slots are filled.

Contributers / The General Public

We listen to any decent suggestions, comments and reviews relevant to Thailand and this website. Anyone with a thought, idea or review they have or a road route they wish to share feel free to share it with us. Don't be put off because you don't live here or are not a biker, good information and advice are always welcome!

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