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Khon Kaen Bike Week 2009




I arrived in KK and buzzed into the trusty and cheap Roma Hotel. 230 baht for a fan room, albeit on the hot side of the building. It was still good value, as long as you got in the room half-cut and late on at night. From the stay there 2 years ago it was improved somewhat.

I’d planned on going to the first day of the festival, which was usually promotional stuff and dealers wowing with their new merchandise. But I was drained and tired. The road fatigue was pissing me off along with the bullsht of taking out the video footage using archaic equipment in the web cafes.

Indeed it had me at snapping point a few times already but this night was the final straw. Every web cafe was unable to even process the data. I really should of expected this, but owning a mid to high end laptop means you take it for granted.

Countless times their PCs would either shut down or just not even recognise it at all!

Sick to the stomach h I left and decided to leave it for another time in the next city. I vowed for the umpteenth time to bring my laptop with me the next time to process the video footage on-the-fly so-to-speak. This presented its own problem, how to carry it without using the bulky Bergen. I’d carried it before using this, but it becomes a journey of masochism once your back aches for hours on end. I’d need a tank bag, and a fairly big one at that. Red Baron Bangkok was the obvious answer, but making a Bangkok run at this stage of the tour really wasn’t appealing.

The Biker Gangs Turf.

As if by providence I rode past a fully stocked and equipped bike shop just on the north-eastern fringes of the city. On my left was a small shop, laid out neatly and crammed with biking apparel it had sportsbikes, motocross’ and sportscruisers. Outside was a resident biker gang sat at one of those thief-proof tables and benches. Drinking the chang and shooting the shit it was obvious that they used the place as a base for operations. In addition about half wore similar leg armour to mine, albeit on the outside of their clothing along with sturdy gloves. They all rode those compact and tidy motocross bikes, well maintained and powerful. While easy for a Thai to handle.

Khon Kaen Bikers

Interestingly a stand-along female Thai biker was with them. Being a tomboy she was in the gang as an equal you might say, not as one of their mistresses or the like which seems quite uncommon as far as Thailand’s biker gangs go. As I rolled up with the auxiliary fan whining they all stopped talking. They were friendly though, whether this was down to riding the CBR or not is unclear, but their leader, holding court at the doorway made himself known.

I walked to the leader and held my breath, if this place had a tank bag my prayers were answered. They were, they had small and medium. Choosing medium I gauged it’d fit my laptop just. 2800 baht I haggled them down to in the end. It had the crucial magnets, 8 of them, which were padded to prevent scratches. The selling point on it is the ‘zoom-zoom’ capability, as the thai leader put it, of it expanding to nearly 50 liters when fully unzipped. In addition it has a waterproof cover.

Now with this the Storm Child was converted to touring spec. The drawback is that precludes the use of a tank-mounted camera, along with being less easy to lie-down on long blasts.

The Main Event - KK Biker Week

Khon Kaen Bike Week - Day Time


Khon Kaen Bike Week - Night Time


Khon Kaen City Map


Nampong National Park Road Trip

The biker week kicked off on the 20th Feb but the main event started a day later. It began with a nice road trip around the national park just west of Khon Kaen.

Bikes ready to go...

Some words of wisdom from the tourist police escort and road-route...

Road Route and final prep

Going around to the north west then past the lake and then finally east-bound on Highway 12 back to Khon Kaen.

Then it was a jolly jaunt around the national parks lake to a remote school...

Good food and drink all provided for by the thai people there. It really was like the 'visiting VIP' treatment.

Lake School

School getting a present and a speech!

Probably the largest handlebars on a Phantom in Thailand!


Back at the Makro Venue for the evening / night activities...


The Yamaha Stand, early evening...

The new bikes were on display, along with the bikes keepers...


The Blue Flyer!

This Stuntman pulled some moves, a real crowd pleaser.

Well Done!

Getting entry into the inner bastion of biking...

Gate Girls

More and more bikers comin' now...

The Band and the Dancers


Thai Singer and Band

The Night Machines!

Harley with Sidecar

Chopper Groove

The Blue Flyers rocket!

Techno Biker Dash

Good speeches given by both Thai and farang bike Commanders

Then it was onto the entertainment proper!


The Biker Gangs at the Khon Kaen Biker Week...

Adventure Riders MC

Adventure Rider

Born to be Wild MC

Born to Be Wild Bikers

Eagle Rider

Isan Thunder!

Isan Thunder!

Khon Kaens Moto-Gang Riders!

Khon Kaen Moto boys

Roi Et Riders

Mean lookin' Roi Et Biker

Pride and Glory

Pride and Glory Biker

Skull Rider / Easy Riders

Skull Rider!

Sriphum Riders

Sriphum Rider

Warriors MC

White Devils MC

White Devils

Hope you enjoyed the page, this is not the full report on the Biker Event though. To see Watch Ryder and gangs full adventure, click here
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