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Hua Hin Shopping

While Hua Hin isn't a shoppers paradise like Bangkok, it does have a great deal of variety.

An Index Shopping Mall (or living mall as they call it) is just north of the city (beyond the Kings Palace) is the place to go for furniture, office decor, decent chairs and so on. The prices are not cheap, but you do get quality with your goods.

Market Village Mall

Until recently there wasn't a proper shopping mall in Hua Hin. Apart from the night market off Petchkasem all that was in town was a tiny interior market (touted as a mall but cramped and hardly large enough). In 2008 a modern and spacious mall opened up just south of the main traffic lights. Inside is a Tesco Lotus along with other businesses selling their wares. Getting to the place is easy, just head south from the main lights until the picture looks like this:

Market Village Petchkasem

Market Village Zoom

Market Village is a large and popular shopping centre in Hua Hin. There is a Tesco Lotus and plenty of smaller boutiques and arcades to shop from. On the top floor are the electionic goods plus a cinema. Be warned though that the cinema here in Hua Hin shows zero english-language films or even Thai films that have english subtitles.

Getting to Hua Hin

Hua Hin Map

Being about 200 km from Bangkok means about 2 to 4 hours drive time, an airport operates flights out of the city but this is usually on an infrequent basis. Minibus' run regular shuttles to Hua Hin from Victory Monument and back to Bangkok from Hua Hin city center.

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