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Honda NSR in Thailand

Honda NSR 150cc in Bangkok

NSR 150cc

Engine Capacity - 150cc 2 stroke. Single Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 13 litres

Weight - 140 kg (dry)

Year Built - 1986 - 1997 (superceded by the RVF 400R)

Max power - 30 hp

Produced in Thailand and Taiwan by Kymco. The superior models are reckoned to be Thai as they have increased horse-power. Spare parts for NSRs are almost legendary for being difficult to source and many NSR owners in Thailand turn to the spare parts pool in Taiwan for supplies.

The bikes are incredibly quick and rapid thanks to the power and lightness inherent in 2 stroke engines. They do, however, consume 2 stroke oil like the plague and leave exhaust residue wherever they go.

There are variants that include the tiny 50cc NSR, the 125cc NSR and the mighty 250cc NSR. The 150cc version pictured is the most common sight of the series however.

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