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CBR 250

CBR 250

Engine Capacity - 250cc. 16 valve, 4 Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 14 litres (depending on year)

Weight - 157 kg

Year Built - 1986 - 1996

Max speed - 180 kph - 200 kph (later models restricted)

Quite a rare bike to see in Thailand. These bikes were mostly exported to Australia. The bike itself is a comprimise between the power and bulk of a CBR 400 and the feather-like finesse abilities of the 150. Parts scarcity might be a concern owning one of these machines.

The newly released CBR 250 (2010) is available for review here

CBR 400

Engine Capacity - 400cc 6 valve, Inline 4 Cyl. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 14.4 litres

Weight - 165 kg (Dry)

Year Built - 1983 - 1994

Max speed - 180 kph (restricted) 220kph (unrestricted)

A tough-engined, mid-range sportsbike often referred to as a baby blade.
It's a good middle of the road bike for a combination of touring, commuting and track-daying. It's comfortable at high speeds and there is a good deal of spare parts available as thousands of these were exported and became 'grey imports' from Japan into Thailand.

The drawbacks to this type of CBR is it's heavy and has a tight turning circle. The height of it means that generally people over 5"10 will feel oversized on it and possibly suffer from cramps (it's low seat heat makes it popular with asians).


CBR 600

Engine Capacity - 600cc 16 valve. 4 Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 14 litres (depending on year)

Weight - 167 kg - 172 kg (dry) (depending on year)

Year Built - 2003 Onwards

Max speed - 220 kph

Some consider this class of CBR to be the best of both the light sports bikes and the heavier 'super sports' classes. As a more modern 'super sports' bike it has race technology such as a stabaliser bar for high-speed finesse. In 2007 it was completely redesigned.

Seldom seen in Thailand but Red Baron Bangkok, like most big bikes that are sold in the Capital will likely be the only place to source parts for these machines.


Engine Capacity - 900cc 16 valve. 4 Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb. Later increased to 925cc then up to 954cc in 2002-3.

Fuel Capacity - 18 litres

Weight - 180 kg (dry). 2002-3 model only 168 kg (dry)

Year Built - 1992 - 2003

Max speed - 280 kph (est)

A large bore sportsbike that is a light bike for its class. Replaced by the CBR 1000 in 2004. Underwent a series of modifications as it was built from 1992 to 2003. Fast, tough and good for track riding.

It's an uncommon big bike to see in Thailand. Most CBRs tend to be 150cc or 400cc. Parts will be scarce.

CBR 1000 RR

Engine Capacity - 1000cc 16 valve. 4 Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 14 litres (depending on year)

Weight - 167 kg - 172 kg (depending on year)

Year Built - 2003 Onwards

Max speed - 220 kph

Designed to replace the CBR 954. An advanced version of the CBR with numerous improvements and redesigns. For all that it might be more than a handful for the typical thai mechanic to get to grips with.

CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird

Engine Capacity - 1137cc 16 valve. 4 Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Fuel Inj.

Fuel Capacity - 23 litres.

Weight - 227 kg

Year Built - 1996 - 2007

Max speed - 300 kph+

A very fast, smooth and stable machine. Known as The super blackbird. The engines are strong, fast and powerful. For a time this bike was the fastest production bike in the world. A very uncommon machine to see in Thailand, in fact apart from the bike shows in Chiang Mai and Bangkok they tend to be seldom seen in the provinces. A superb highway sports-tourer, you'll cover plenty of ground on one of these.

The draw backs for a big machine like the cbr 1100 are few outside the city's. They are heavy and cumbersome to ride in tight-congested roads. Indeed, they may suffer from heating problems if in traffic for too long. Parts will be scarce for a bike of this calibre. Expect a week or so waiting for the parts to arrive from Japan. If you're lucky Bangkok may have them in stock.

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