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Honda CBR 150

Honda CBR

Honda CBR 150 Police Variant

Engine Capacity - 150cc 6 valve, Single Cylinder. Liquid Cooled. Carb.

Fuel Capacity - 8 litres

Weight - 105 (Dry) kg

Year Built - 2003 Onwards

Max speed - 145 kph

Prior to the CBR 150 the Honda NSR was the forerunner, this was a capable machine but had one crucial draw-back; it was 2 stroke and had been discontinued some years previous meaning parts were becoming short.

A fairly popular entry-level sports bike that is popular with farang tourists, expats and thai people alike. It's the bike of choice for a number of highway police too.
Afforbable, fairly-fast and light, it makes a for a good sports bike in a city with overheating rarely a proplem. One of it's few drawbacks is it's uncomfortable at high-speed cruising (110kph+) and has a small fuel tank.

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