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Honda Bike dealerships in Thailand are the most well known and widespread of bike dealers. They can be found in every Thai city and town in the country.

Their aftermarket service is excellent. Even for big bikes that were grey imports they can usually be generous with some of their services (ie free labour for oil changes etc)
That said the main Honda Dealers do not excel at bike mechanics or sourcing parts on big bikes. For buying new small Honda Bikes like CBR 150s or Honda Dreams they are a first-rate choice. But for considering a 'bigger' bike like even a CBR 250 or above they have always been lacking in this department.

As of 2003 onwards they upped the ante with the 4-stroke CBR 150. But since then there has been nothing else from Honda's stable. Their only big bike brands are those official and grey imports. This is telling in that almost all other bike makers are either launching or have launched big bikes brand new for sale in Thailand. While Honda's big bikes may claim to be more exclusive and unique they are facing the prospect of being outnumbered by lighter, more economical and more advanced big bikes from the other manufacturers.

This is a shame as for some Honda bikes are considered the best engineered of bike engines and have a long heritage of being a 'thai' bike even though they are a Japanese name. Time will tell if in 2010 there will be an announcment.

Almost all mechanics in Thailand know honda bikes inside and out. Even the big cc honda bikes share common traits, parts and idiosyncracies.

Makes of typical Honda Bikes common in Thailand are below.

Small Bikes

Honda Click

Honda Dio

Honda Wave

Honda Sonic

Honda NSR

CBR 150

CBR 250

Honda Tiger Boxer 200

Honda Phantom

Big Bikes

CBR 400

CBR 600

CBR 900

CBR 1000

CBR 1100 / Super Blackbird

Honda VFR Series

Honda CB Series

Honda CBF Series

Honda Transalp

Honda Goldwing

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