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Chinese Horoscope - Thailand

The Chinese Horoscope in Thailand is one of the most under-rated pieces of occult knowledge in Thailand by foreigners. To understand it is to understand a fundimental part of the Thai psyche. This is partly because it can be used for knowledge, insight and wisdom. It is also due to there being a general respect and knowledge for the esoteric way's in Asia compared to the west.

The book 'Private Dancer', to it's credit, does briefly mention the personality dynamic's of the Chinese Horoscope in regard to the two main characters. In day-to-day Thai-life there's a lot more doing's with but it basically means that if you know someones age, you can have a fairly good idea on their 'basic' persona. This goes for any race or colour. The western horoscope also plays a part in personality although that's more to do with the sun-sign and to an extent, isn't quite as influential as the lunar influence.

The Chinese Horoscope is based on planetary observations (using the orbit of Jupiter around the sun) as a base along with the lunar cycle plus celestial body's like comet's.
This is unlike the western zodiac-signs which is monthly-based on the sun's position in relation to star consellations. While this has it's own accuracy and trend, but the Chinese Zodiac is another important factor.
The year-long lunar cycle. This is slightly out-of-synch with the January to December calender cycle. The lunar cycle switch-over date runs from from Chinese New Year to Chinese New Year. Therefore someone born in January or February may have the (Chinese) zodiac sign of the previous western calender year.

A common question we're sometimes asked is, if there is a western zodiac and an eastern one (Chinese Zodiac) then which is it that someone should look to? The simple answer is it's both of them. The more complicated answer is that to get a very fine analysis of someones personality it require's detailed knowledge of birth-hours, days and months, rising-signs, star-charts showing other planetary influences. Information you should be wary of passing over if you suspect it'll fall into the wrong hands.

This page only covers the very basics of Chinese Astrology. It get's very complicated as there is either yin or yang sign's for animal signs as well as elements like earth, metal, water, wood and fire.

A good resource for calculations and element influences is here:

The actual sign's of the Chinese Zodiac are in the order of 12. This is based on the position they attained during the animal race set by the Jade Emperor:

1. Rat Year - One of the cleverest of the signs. Masterminds, strategists and general brain-boxes. Adaptive, flexible, charming, talkative, problem solvers, mean, vindictive.

2. Ox Year - Hard-working, strong, common-sense, reliable, fair, conciencious, calm, patient, serious, stubborn, dull, highly opinionated,

3. Tiger Year - A leaders-sign, powerful, energetic, adventurous, humourous, brave, independent, generous, reckless, out-of-control, attention-seekers, dangerous.

4. Rabbit Year (or Cat in the Vietnamese Zodiac) - Luckiest of the signs. Creative, sharp, fertile, listener, negotiator, get on well with everyone, few enemy's, pessimistic, insecure

5. Dragon Year - Powerful sign said to wear the crown of destiny. Lucky, gregarious, magnetism, inspiring, successful, fortunate, expect the best in others, dicatorial, bullying, arrogant. Often a year of destiny for the fortunes of the world.

6. Snake Year - Mysterious, often highly-attractive, alluring, sensual, wise, deep-thinkers, possessive, distrustful, financially fortunate, procrastinating.

7. Horse Year - Adventurous, independent, confident, headstrong, defiant, rebellious, social, loveable, flighty, hot tempered.

8. Sheep Year - Artistic, easy-going, compassionate, charmful, sensitive, kind, sympathetic, materialistic, insecure, indecisive, lazy.

9. Monkey Year - Intelligent, creative, witty, problem solvers, inventor, devious, manipulative, reckoned to be the only animal capable of outsmarting the dragon-sign.

10. Rooster Year - Observant, fashionable (tend to be well-dressed), eccentric, loyal, arrogant.

11. Dog Year - Compassionate, reliable, loyal, faithful, balanced moral compass, aloof, unyielding, pessimistic, nosey.

12. Pig Year - Honest, sincere, easy-going, helpful, unbiased, pacifistic, home-maker, naive.


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