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Eating in Chiang Mai

You are spoilt for choice when it comes to eatery's in Chiang Mai. Almost throughout the center of Chiang Mai, notably on the central and eastern parts of the city are places catering to farang.

Huay Kaew Restaurants

The massive shopping complex - The Kad Suan Gaew has KFC, Chesters and more ordinary restaurants from within its walls. Further down the road, running west are western-style restaurants also, mostly on the opposite side.

Old Chiang Mai Restaurants

Within the moat are small farang and thai food cafes and restaurants. You have to look to find them though. A good starting point for searching are the roads running in from Moon Muang.

Loh Kroi Restaurants

Just after the main clutch of bars at the moat junction are a glut of cafes and restaurants on both sides.

Moon Muang Restaurants

On the eastern edge of the old city there are a fair few, small and cosy places. here as well, before you come to the night-bars there are plenty of places to satisfy your taste buds.

The Night Bazaar Restarants

Tucked away in a few sois parallel are some nice places for eating. Also if you walk south along the bazaar stalls you'll come to an open-air market complex. A ton of restaurants are here too.. If you don't fancy that then the street vendors will be more than happy to oblige.

Warrorot & Lam Yai Market

Plenty of locals orientated restaurants and stalls here.

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