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Wat Saket

Situated on the small mountain of Doi Saket this temple is like a small version of Wat Suthep near Chiang Mai.
It is notable for having a sequence of wise thai sayings and proverbs on display in the temple grounds. A great many steps leading to the chedi and temple grounds make it a formidable climb for the average tourist.
A bonus factor is that compared with Doi Suthep, Wat Prathet has very few tourists crowding the place and roads.

Doi Saket

Road Lore: There are two ways of getting up to the wat, one way is on foot up the stairs. The other (easier) way is use a bike or car to follow the winding mountain road around to the right (as you look up at the Wat from the main road). This will take you around and up to the temple from the rear. It's also where the wise proverbs can be found. However if you're on foot then it may be wiser to take the stairs. As there is no footpath on the mountain road. When you get to the back of the wat you'll see what looks like a community center and then some steps leading up to the chedi. See the pictures below for an idea:


Doi Saket Temple Grounds

Here's a selection of the wise thai sayings and their english equivalents. The roll-over picture is my favourite of them!
See if you can make out what it says!

Doi Saket Wise Thai Sayings...


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