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Sa Moeng

Sa Moeng

Sa Moeng is the last major village on highway 1269 and nestles into the edge of Mae Sa Valley. This is a world apart from any of the other villages surrounding Chiang Mai that we've seen so far. The mood and atmosphere here is very 'rural Thailand' with no bars and no obvious nightlife. However, the people are friendly and will be genuinely interested in a foreigner who has found his way here. Heads will turn and some people will often whisper 'Farang, farang.' to each other in suprise!
Even as this entry on the website is made though small scale construction which is expanding the village borders slightly is ongoing.
The march of progress...

Sa Moeng Intersection

If you hang a right at the main intersection of the village this will take you to past the police station, the village temple, some of the local shops and towards some smaller roads heading into the mountains. There was a resort here, but it was no-one was there! Not even in reception! I could of taken anything I wanted! Of course being an honourable type-of-guy I didn't but it just shows how trusting folks still are out here.

If you turn left at the main intersection you'll pass the local hospital, a small petrol shack (see below picture and its roll-over).

Sa Moeng Petrol Shack

From here on in there's some interesting teak houses and more humble dwellings and then its farms and wilderness.

The local Temple in Sa Moeng

Wat Sa Moeng

Sa Moeng Fields

At the heart of the village is the market place.

Sa Moeng Market

Rider says: According to one local lady only one farang lives in Sa Moeng!

Getting Back to Chiang Mai

Follow the signs back to Chiang Mai

Just follow the signs back to either Mae Rim or Hang Dong and then proceed either south or north respectively.

For this section, thats all for now folks. If you want to explore the sights and surroundings of the Mae Sa Valley further just click on the highlighted text or the maps and menus.

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The routes to the destinations have already been photographed by Watch-Rider. They serve as a handy guide and future reference.

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Listed on the map and below is a list of the destinations and highways around Chiang Mai. Clicking on one of them will bring up information about it and how to get there.

Where to Tour in Chiang Mai Province

Road Lore: Carry your Thai Driving Licence at all times.
Apart from the obvious, it'll also get you thai-price discounts on many entrance -fees at attractions around Chiang Mai.
Wear a light jacket for when you climb further up into the Mae Sa Valley, it gets suprisingly cold, especially in the cold season (October to April).

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