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Touring Mae Rim

Mae Rim - Town Center

Mae Rim Taffic lights for left turn into Mae Sa Valley & Mae Rim Market

Heading north from Chiang Mai on Highway 107 will take you to the first town you come across, it's very small but has a bustling market and a small shopping arcade. Like many of the surrounding towns of Chiang Mai this is where a steady flow of traffic passes back and forth. It's a typical cross-roads town with the main road passing straight through and onwards.
A market is found on your left and a shopping arcade on your right. Guesthouses are sparse, although apartments are available to rent if you speak thai. Just enquire anywhere there is an apartment to find a vacancy.
The Mae Sa Valley is easily accessible. Just hang a left onto the Route 1096 just after you leave town. There is an earlier left turn at some traffic lights (First Photo) in Mae Rim center that takes you on a scenic route through the countryside before taking you directly into the Mae Sa Valley Route 1096.

Images of Mae Rim - Outskirts

Mae Rim outskirts at the 1096 turn-off & fields and distant valleys north of Mae Rim.

As soon as you hit the outskirts of Mae Rim the left turn to the Route 1096 is easily visible (see above photo). Once you're on the 1096 it will take you all the way up and through the Mae Sa Valley and eventually to Sa Moeng.

If you go past the turn-off to the 1096 then you'll be able to see the valley as you look left (to the west).

Chiang Mai Province

The routes to the destinations have already been photographed by Watch-Rider. They serve as a handy guide and future reference.

Photo-Route Guide: The photos doubled into 'roll-over' pictures; when you move the mouse over it the picture 'rolls-over.'
The photographs will have some text at the very top telling you which direction you're looking towards for easy orientation. Also, if you hover the mouse over the picture in question, it will have some hints and additional info about both pictures. Finally there is always the map to refer to. If you're still stuck just fire off an email to us via the contact page.

Listed on the map and below is a list of the destinations and highways around Chiang Mai. Clicking on one of them will bring up information about it and how to get there.

Where to Tour in Chiang Mai Province

Road Lore: This town is close enough to the city of Chiang Mai to be reached within 20 minutes by road. It's not particulary important for anything tourists would be interested in so expect to see only the occasional one or two here. This road however does see them on tuk-tuks and samlors being carried back and forth to the Mae Sa Valley




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