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Highway 11 South

From Chiang Mai to Lampang

Highway 11 starts in the western part of Chiang Mai and runs all the way around the city, proceeding north, north-east, east and then around to the south having circumnavigated ther northern fringes of Chiang Mai City. From Chiang Mai it runs all the way to Sing Buri far in the south (near Bangkok).
However, this section deals with where Highway 11 has an intersection with Highway 1006 (just east of Chiang Mai).

The Highway progresses away from Chiang Mai where it passes the silk-manufacturing city of Lamphun, before reaching Lampang where this section concludes...

Highway 11 Routemap

Just before the turn-off for San Kamphaeng (Highway 1006)

Highway 11 South 1


Highway 11 South 2

Just before the second turn-off for San Kamphaeng (Highway 1317)

Highway 11 South 3 Approaching 1317 Turnoff

Highway 11 South 4

Note how the gas prices have now risen! This was taken in late 2006...

Highway 11 South 5 Gas prices!

Not far to Lamphun...

Highway 11 South 6

Choose a set of lanes; slow on the left, fast on the right.

Highway 11 South 7

Hang a right at the lights for Saraphi...

Highway 11 South 8


Highway 11 South 9


Highway 11 South 10

This is an early turn-off you can take to get to Lamphun...

Highway 11 South 11 Lamphun turn-off


Thats all for now, this route is in construction and will eventually reach Lampang!


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The routes to the destinations have already been photographed by Watch-Rider. They serve as a handy guide and future reference.

Photo-Route Guide: The photos doubled into 'roll-over' pictures; when you move the mouse over it the picture 'rolls-over.'
The photographs will have some text at the very top telling you which direction you're looking towards for easy orientation. Also, if you hover the mouse over the picture in question, it will have some hints and additional info about both pictures. Finally there is always the map to refer to. If you're still stuck just fire off an email to us via the contact page.

Listed on the map and below is a list of the destinations and highways around Chiang Mai. Clicking on one of them will bring up information about it and how to get there.

Where to Tour in Chiang Mai Province

Road Lore: Rider Warning! If travelling north on a bike on the Highway 11 watch out! There are a set of three or four deep pot-holes just when you're approaching the blue 'Welcome to Chiang Mai' sign. They are just in-between the bike lane and inside lane.
Be warned, a small bike hitting these could potentially throw its rider.




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