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Mae Sa Valley, Chiang Mai Province

The Province of Chiang Mai encompasses many areas of northern Thailand. Notable features for holidaymakers and tourists include:

Chiang Mai City - An ancient and historical city dating from the Lanna kingdoms. Notable for its city walls and moat.

Doi Suthep - An imposing and lofty mountain which has a unique temple complex (Wat Prathat) overlooking the city of Chiang Mai.

The Mae Sa Valley - This area has many attractions for the visitor can be found as you pass through the valley, these include waterfalls gardens and elephant camps.

Hill Tribes - The province of Chiang Mai is considered the mecca for Hill Tribe Trekking. Tour groups can take you there or if you're more adventurous you can strike it out alone!

Wat Chedi Liem & Ruins - A large temple complex outside of Chiang Mai which has many other old temple ruins scattered around it. Hint - Follow the Ping River south.

Tang Doi Elephant Training Center - River rafting rides and of course riding around on elephants!

Temple Hunting Around Chiang Mai - There are many other thai temples to be found and explored in the surrounding countryside.

Chiang Mai Province Lamphun Mae Wang Ban Thi Hang Dong Saraphi San Kamphaeng Saraphi San Kamphaeng Doi Saket Doi Saket Mae Rim Phu Ping Palace Doi Suthep Doi Suthep Phu Ping Palace Sa Moeng Mae Sa Valley Chiang Mai City Chiang Rai Route 1001 Chiang Mai Province Route 1001 Chiang Mai Route 107 Chiang Mai Province Route 107 Chiang Mai Province Mae Sa Valley Route 1096 Route 1269 Chiang Mai Province Route 121 East/West Chiang Mai Route 121 Route 121 South Chiang Mai Province Highway 11 Chiang Mai Provice Route 1006 Chiang Mai Province Route 118 Chiang Mai Province Route 1004 Chiang Mai Province Route 118 Chiang Mai Mae Rim Sa Moeng Route 108 Bikes The Hill Tribes Route 107 Chiang Mai Highway 11 Chiang Mai Province

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