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Staying in Chiang Mai

You are not short of places to sleep when it comes to hotels. Chiang Mai is, unfortunately being inundated with them. Every you look in the eastern regions of the city are construction crews working on new buildings. The trend is towards 4 and 5 star hotels for the attraction of luring the big-money tourists in for two weeks of spend-spend-spend

Huay Kaew Road

Adjacent to the massive shopping complex - You've got a titan of a hotel (at least 4 star) matching it in size. Further down this road are some smaller ones.

Inner City/Old City

Within the moat building restrictions mean the big hotels are prevented from gaining a foothold. Here it's more guesthouses and the occasional small hotel.

Around the Moat on the North and East side are a few big hotels with all the polish and gleam you'd expect.

Loh Kroi Hotels

On this road, just after the bars, are a catchment of cheap digs, no big hotels at the moat end. Go further down Loh Kroi to the Night Bazaar and you have a recently completed giant of a hotel. Another one on the opposite side of the street creates a twin-hotel effect that dwarfs the passer-by. Across the Night-Bazaar junction is another big hotel, giving you a triangular choice.

Moon Muang Road - None here.

Night Bazaar Hotels

Running up and down the Night Bazaar road are a number of hotels. Top-tip. If you want to park your bike close-by to Mc Donalds then the hotel opposite it has and underground car-park. Just use that instead of having to park xxx yard away on Loh Kroi etc.


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