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Staying in Chiang Mai

Although hotels strive to dominate Chiang Mai, it is the the humble guesthouse that still (so far) holds it's own. Cheap, usually comfortable and often fitted with internet capability they remain a popular choice with backpackers, frugal expats and budget travellers.

Huay Kaew Guesthouses

Directly on Huay Gaew road there are scant few guesthouses. However if you hang a right at the first petrol station (going west) there are some here that are decent enough.

Old City / Inner Moat Guesthouses

Too many to list without starting a new website! Most are concentrated within the eastern and south-eastern quadrant. Away from here the guesthouses tend to a be quieter and a touch cheaper. Budget travellers tend to stay here.

Loh Kroi Guesthouses

On this road it is cheap digs mecca! Many of girly-free bars (further down past the girly-bars) have rooms for rent.

Moon Muang Guesthouses

A glut of guesthouses on and off the Moon Muang and they are often in the heart of the girly scene. A favourite for the night-hawks.

Night Bazaar Hotels

You'll struggle to find any around here, the greedy and grabbing hotel-guru's have made this area a concentration of high-rise hotels and are courting the big-spenders. Pray that this trend doesn't spread to other parts of Chiang Mai.


Often the expats favouite retreat. Chiang Mai has a pretty decent range of apartments. They range from en-mass concrete block-houses (cheap) to more sophisticated remote-site complexes (more expensive but more exclusive).

Huay Kaew Apartments

You're in Apartment Mecca! Just after the Kad Suan Kaew Mall and Hotel the Huay Kaew Apartments is on you're left. The are cheap enough but watch out for dodgy electric meter-readings when you check-out. Opposite are a few other apartment complexes. One notable example being a mighty gray tower block.

Old City Apartments

Due to building restrictions no apartment blocks are notable here with the exception of small, thai-orientated ones.

Loh Kroi Apartments

None to speak of on this stretch, bars and guesthouses are the best you'll get. Head down Loh Kroi to the Night Bazaar, some are around there.

Moon Muang Apartments

Same story, bars and guesthouses are the scene here.

Night Bazaar Apartments

A few rise up to match the hotels and can be a decent option if you want to night-hawk around the bazaar and bar-scene.

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