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The University Quarter

The University Quarter covers a broad area of western Chiang Mai city. From Huay Gaew down to Suthep and then eastwards, ending at the Cherang Doi road and Doi Suthep road respectively.

Thai students are a group minded bunch and tend to congregate en masse in restaurants and clubs and discotheques. In the area around Chiang Mai University (or CMU) there are lots of restaurants, coffee shops, cafes and nightspots.

Listed below are the areas and a brief explanation about them. If you click on the highlighted blue text a detailed page of the area will open up.

Huay Kaew Road - Kad Suan Kaew shopping mall dominates this road and overlooks many nearby buildings. The pricey but sophisticated Chiang Mai Ram 1 Hospital also contributes the upper class atmosphere. Popular with the samsonite brigade tourists and a few expats, this area has a handful of bars and a popular student discotheque that see's some overspill from the University Quarter. Rush-hour can be troublesome at the Nimmanhaemin and the moat corner intersection.

Nimmanhaemin, Soi - A bustling and vibrant area, some consider it to be the heart of the University Quarter. It certainly has a great deal of night-spots, shopping arcades, boutiques and high-quality restaurants to be a noteworthy location. At rush hour the traffic can be horrendous on this soi.

Suthep Road - Not the road that leads to Doi Suthep but this one does run west about 3 miles all the way to Cherang Doi. It passes two hospitals and the intersections for Siri munkhalajan and Nimmanhaemin. What must be at least one hundred restaurants are on this road and as you get closer to Chiang Mai University the restaurants become more student orientated in look and style.

Siri Munkhalajan, Soi - A small and narrow soi that runs south from Huay Kaew and north from Suthep respectively. Some cheap and cheerful food cafes, university orientated restaurants and snazzy apartments are on this soi. A few restaurant bars with live music also stand out especially when night falls...


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