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The Old City Quarter - Chiang Mai

Surrounded by walls and a moat this area is considered an oasis of calm surrounded by Chiang Mai's busy moat road.

This part of Chiang Mai has the oldest buildings per square kilometer and retains some of it's olde worlde charm even to this day.

Located inside the moated area of Chiang Mai the area is patroned and frequented by mostly by farang backpackers and a few of the curious samsonite brigade. The number of temples is staggering and few people have visted them all. The thai people seem to be more friendly and welcoming to outsiders and it always seems to have less traffic and congestion, even at rush hour.

Ratchmanka - A long road running the length of the old quarter east to west. There are at least 4 temples on this road - Mae Tang, Meun Ngun Krong Chang Them and Pa Khao. The western section is more localised business' and a few art gallerys. The eastern section is crammed with tourist shops, farang food restaurants and at the end of the road, where it meets Moon Muang, the bars start to appear.


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